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Ever had a site that you were trying to rank but just seemed "stuck" in the rankings?

It's painful, it seems like no matter what you do, it won't budge. Well, over the last few years we've been running some experiments and ran into quite a few different types of reasons that sites can get stuck. ...And how to fix them! Let me give you an example: Here's a site that we were working on that the customer was building links to for 3 months consistently... ...But the rankings didn't improve. Ever seen that before? It's a total bummer. But don't worry there's a fix: One of the things working really well right now for a site that’s stuck is to simply ramp up the amount of content on it in a strategic way. Google really wants to serve up "authorities" in each niche, no matter how big or small the niche is. (In fact, this was a local site in a mid-sized city) So we created a strategic content plan that took advantage of our competition gap analysis: We looked at what the top search competition was ranking for that this site was not, then made a content plan around that. The idea is to give the site more contextual relevance with links and content and keep the link juice flowing around the site. What happened next? The rankings took off! This was really awesome to see, and this is just 1 example of how you can turn around a campaign that's stuck. Click the button below and sign up on the next page to get you there too!
Cheers! The QSP  Crew